Dirceus - Customer Service Specialist

Keeper of Strange, Weird and Debatably Useful Information
Welcome, folks. I'm Dirceus, Customer Service Specialist who dabbles in crafty nonsense and homesteading dreams on the side. I like to refer to myself as a "bastion of useless knowledge," with weird trivia tidbits regarding things that will never appear in a trivia competition. I'm an avid self-taught knitter and entry-level basket weaver, and I collect languages like an overeager dragon. Come talk to me about Irish, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, or the fascinating history of conlangs! (Please note that I've yet to reach proficiency in any listed languages...I'll get there someday.) Regarding books, I love the nonfiction section and the wealth of knowledge it contains, but science fiction and fantasy were the genres I primarily explored growing up. Give me animal narrators, mind-bendingly in-depth scifi physics, folklore-based adventures, and everything in-between!