Kaitlin - Librarian

Chronically Curious
I am a film and television fangirl equally happy immersed in the newest Marvel blockbuster as in a Fellini classic. I have been known to spend hours on IMDB. I read an equally broad range of genres and topics; currently, I am in to sci-fi, physics, a variety of humorists, social justice, and vegetarian cooking. I enjoy connecting with others through stories whether fiction or nonfiction, books or film, music or art. I am a Colorado transplant and love exploring the beautiful Mid-Columbia region and greater Northwest.

Space and Time!

Updated 1 week ago

I recently went on a tour of LIGO that got me jazzed about the amazing astrophysics being undertaken in our tiny corner of the universe.  This led me down a fascinating rabbit hole of topics; I found these titles particularly illuminating and accessible.