Erin - Operations Director

Just a 30-Something Girl Raising Two Boys and a Husband While Working Full-Time, No Big Deal
Like a lot of women, I'm just trying to have it all: the professional career, the perfect little family (with beautifully captured family photos to prove it), the coffee dates with girlfriends, the diet and exercise plan of my dreams, the quiet time for myself, and all with no stress. Guess how that's going. Anyways, one of my most favorite things to do is read with my kiddos (two crazy and energetic little boys). My goal for my boys is 20 minutes a day of reading. Sometimes we have to get creative to hit that goal, and sometimes we don't hit it at all, but reading is a regular part of our everyday life. I encourage you to make it part of your everyday life as well. I hope you enjoy these books that my boys and I have loved, and let me know if you figure out the trick to having it all.