Privacy Policy


Mid‐Columbia Libraries provides online services to customers, both at the library buildings, and through online resources accessible from home.

While providing services, we collect information about how our services are used. We use this information solely to improve our service to our communities.

What we collect

We sometimes ask for contact information.

  • We require, at minimum, your name, address and birth date when you get a library card.
  • We request an email address, phone number, and/or mobile phone number.

When you use our public computers or wireless Internet hotspot, we gather network usage statistics.

  • We may collect the library card number used to access the public access computer, and the length of time the computer was in use.
  • We may temporarily record how much data the computer accessed online and what format of data the computer accessed (video, audio, or text).
  • The video, audio, or text content of any data accessed on our public computers is NOT collected. We do not keep any record of what sites were visited on any individual computer.

When you use our website, we gather website usage statistics

  • We may place cookies on your computer. We do not use these cookies for tracking purposes. These cookies expire within seven days.
  • We do record the address of the page viewed, and the address of the computer that viewed the page. We may also record any other information your Internet browser provides, such as the operating system or browser version.

How we use collected data

Contact information

  • We will use your contact information to send electronic, telephone, or physical mail notices of account or service changes that would directly affect you.
  • We also may use your contact information to inform you of products and services you may be interested in, based on that contact information. We will provide an easy, secure way to unsubscribe from this type of message.

Network usage statistics

  • We use network usage statistics to determine the amount of demand for services, so we can meet that demand.
  • We may also use network usage statistics to adjust the characteristics of the network to ensure the best possible access for the greatest number of people.

Website usage statistics

  • We use website usage statistics to gauge the popularity of individual pages. We also use this information to determine how you are accessing the website. We use that information in designing the structure of the website.

What we share with others

Some of the content and services we offer online are provided by a third‐party vendor. We do provide a method for these vendors to determine that you have a valid account with us. We do not directly provide our vendors with any of the information we gather. However, they may ask you for additional information. Any information you provide to them would be subject to their privacy policy, which should be available at their website.