Frequently Asked Questions: Connell Library Remodel

Why is Mid-Columbia Libraries (MCL) remodeling the Connell branch?

The remodel aligns with Mid-Columbia Libraries' strategic plan. As facilities are updated, the goal is to provide an effective, efficient, attractive and comfortable environment for our customers and staff. Additional room for materials will be added when possible either through the replacement of shelving, opening of existing interior spaces through remodeling, or repositioning of shelving and display arrangements. Artwork will be added as space allows to enhance the customer experience. Data and electrical needs will be addressed to consolidate public computers in one area and supply additional plug in options for individuals with their own devices.

How much money will the remodel cost?

MCL is investing approximately $300,000 for the entire remodel, which includes new shelving, flooring, light fixtures, and collection materials among other improvements.

What is the age and square footage of the building?

The building at 118 N. Columbia Ave. was built in 1993 and is approximately 1850 square feet.

How long has the branch been in operation, and how long have we served the community?

In June of 1965 the residents of Connell voted to contract with Mid-Columbia Library Association for library services. On Nov. 23, 1965, the Connell branch opened in the Welch building on Columbia Avenue, where it operated for 28 years. The new library building opened in December of 1993 where it is currently located.

Who are MCL’s operation partners?

MCL’s operation partner is the City of Connell, Washington.

Will there be an increase in collection size, and if so, by how much?

MCL has slated $17,000 in new materials.

Will the remodeled library offer more computer resources?

The Connell branch currently has seven computers. Once the remodel is completed, the branch will have eight public computers and spaces dedicated to wireless devices like tablets and laptops.

How long is the remodel expected to take, and how long will the facility will be closed?

The branch closes and the temporary location opens in early November 2021, with construction scheduled to begin at the end of the month. MCL estimates the remodel will take approximately two months and anticipates a reopening date in mid January 2022.

While the N. Columbia Ave. building is closed, MCL has a temporary library located at 661 S. Columbia Ave. in Connell, home of the Connell/North Franklin Visitor Center.

Will the temporary branch offer all the same library services?

The temporary library is 800 square feet and offers a great selection of books and other materials for check out, plus public computers and Wi-Fi.

Will there be a book drop and curbside pickup service?

There will be a returns box located at the temporary branch, and materials can be returned here 24/7. Curbside pickup is available during library hours.

Will the hours of operation be the same?

Yes, hours at the temporary branch are the same as currently posted: Monday through Friday, 2 to 7 pm, and Saturdays, 10 am to 4 pm.

Are there going to be improvements to the exterior of the building?

MCL will install a new exterior branch sign on the front of the N. Columbia Ave. building. We have also painted the back of the building and replaced the picnic table. All other exterior improvements are the responsibility of the building owner and City of Connell.