How do I?

There are two easy ways to find what you're looking for.

The easiest way to find a book, movie, or magazine is to look at our catalog. The catalog is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get to the Catalog, go to and use the search box at the top or select Browse and then click on “Catalog” in the main navigation bar.

  • To search, enter whatever information you already know and select go.
  • Once in the catalog you can make your search more specific by selecting an option under “Search by.” You can use “Search by” to look for books by the same author, look for materials with the same title, or find materials covering the same topic.
  • You can make your search more specific by selecting an option under “Limit by." You can set “Limit by” to only show results that are books, DVDs, books on CD, or whatever specific kind of material you’d like.

Your other option is to call your local branch of Mid-Columbia Libraries. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the book, movie, or magazine you need. Click here to look up your local branch’s contact information.

A library card allows you to check out materials and access other library resources. Library cards are available to anyone living in areas served by Mid-Columbia Libraries.

After completing the online registration form, bring your picture ID and proof of address to pick up your card.

  • ID includes: current driver's license, passport, or school ID.
  • Proof of address includes: current driver's license, utility bill, vehicle registration, or mail.

A parent/guardian must be present or have signed a library card registration form for persons under 18.

Persons residing outside of the library district may be required to pay an annual non-resident fee.

To keep your library card account in good standing, pay library fees using one of the following methods.


With your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit or credit card, you can pay for fees online. From wherever you are, just go to our SmartPay website.

In the library

Some locations have a self-service Payment Station that accept cash or credit if you're the do-it-yourself type. 

If you're more of a people-person, our staff can take either cash or check at the service desk. 

Or, if you prefer plastic, but you can't find a payment station, please feel free to use one of our public or catalog computers to log in to our SmartPay website.

Did you overpay your fees?

Use this form to request a refund.

Our Auto-Renewal feature automatically renews all eligible items on your account three days before the items' due date, provided your account has no blocks prohibiting renewal. You can manually renew items before this date three different ways:


  1. At the top of the Mid-Columbia Libraries website under "My Account", type in your Card Number with no spaces. Type in your Password. Click the Log In button. If you do not know your password you will need to ask for it next time you visit the library.
  2. Click on Items Out.
    Note: You may choose Renew Selected Items or Renew All Items.
    •    To Renew Selected Items you must first put a checkmark next to each item you want to renew and then click on Renew Selected Items (below the list of titles).
    •    To Renew All Items click on Renew All Items (below the list of titles).
    Note: You will see a message appear about the renewal status your items.
  3. To log out click on Log Out (top right) OR click BACK to return to the previous page.

By Telephone

  1. To renew items via telephone, if you are local, please call 374-8379. If that number is long distance for you, please call (800) 948-5350.
  2. Enter Card Number and PIN (Personal Identification Number).

In Person

  1. To renew checked out items in person, please visit any branch of Mid-Columbia Libraries, and log into your account using any of our Express Check machines.

Checked out items may be renewed twice if there are no reserve requests on the item.

Once you’ve found your item in the catalog, click on “Request It” in the Item Record (If you need help finding items, please see “How Do I Find a Book?”).

Once you click on “Request It”, you’ll need to know your library card barcode (which is on the back of your card) and your account password.

Your password is whatever word/set of numbers you selected when you registered for your library card. If you’ve forgotten your password, please select Forgot your Password? or contact your local branch.

Enter your barcode and password and click “Log In.”

Confirm which library branch you would like the item sent to and click “Submit Request.” The item will be delivered to the selected branch for pickup when it is available.

If you know your Username or Barcode, go to you can use our Password Reset Form to have your password sent to the e-mail address(es) we have on file.

Mid-Columbia Libraries (MCL) is accepting donations of books, movies, and other materials in addition to cash donations. Please contact Advocacy and Development Manager Sara Schwan at (509) 737-6365 or if you are donating cash or if you have questions. 

If you would like an item to be considered for the MCL collection, please complete and submit a donation form. Upon receipt of a completed donation form and the item(s), we will review the item(s) using our collection development policy. Unless otherwise specified, donated items not added to the collection will be given to Friends of Mid-Columbia Libraries.

If you are an author interested in donating your book(s) to MCL, please fill out the donation form. Upon receiving the item(s), staff will review the item(s) using our collection development policy. Otherwise, please fill out the Suggest a Title for Purchase form.

Your library account information can be updated if you move, change contact information, or wish to make changes to your contact preferences, username or password.

If your library card is expired, your account is locked, or you prefer to have help updating your library account, you can visit any Mid-Columbia Libraries branch or call us during our normal hours. Find your local branch here. You can also contact us here with the information you need to update, and we will be happy to assist you.

Log into your account from the Mid-Columbia Libraries web site at For help with this process, see “How do I access my account?” in the Help section.

  1. Once logged in, your account will open on the general information page. The name of the card holder will be on the top left of the screen. Ensure this is the correct cardholder you wish to update.
  2. To view current library account information, expand “Contact Information and Preferences”. Make any necessary changes and click the “Update” button to save your information.
  3. To change your account logon information, expand the “Change Logon” section.  Click the “Save” button when finished.

Library notifications can be a great tool to ensure requested items are picked up or borrowed items are returned by the due date. Learn how to receive these notifications here.

  1. Log into your account from the Mid-Columbia Libraries web site at For help with this process, see “How do I access my account?” in the Help section.
  2. On the welcome page with general account information, expand the “Contact Information and Preferences” tab by clicking the arrow icon next to the title.
  3. Verify your contact information is correct. Be sure to update or include your phone number and address, even if these are not your preferred methods of contact, so that secondary contact information is correct if your preferred method fails.
  4. In the “Preferences:” section, use the drop down box under the heading “My preference for receiving library notices” to select your preferred method of contact. Please specify the language in which you wish to receive notifications in the drop down box labeled “Language Preference”.
  5. Additional information will need to be provided for text messaging, in order to specify the number you would like to use, and the cellular carrier for your text services. This information can be supplied in the boxes under the appropriate headings.
  6. You may elect to receive receipts of your borrowed titles by email or text by making the appropriate selection under the “E-receipts:”

Your Mid-Columbia Libraries (MCL) card expires every five years, but renewing your library card is quick and easy.  Please take a moment to renew your card to continue accessing our collections and services.

In Person or By Phone

Visit the front desk or call any MCL branch, and our staff will be happy to help you update your account information by answering a few simple questions. Find your local branch information here.


You may also contact us here to update your account online. Please include the following in your message:

  • your name,
  • your birthdate,
  • your address and phone number,
  • your preferred MCL branch, and
  • your preferred notification preference (email, text, or phone call).

If you need a replacement card please visit the branch with photo ID to complete renewal.