En nuestra misión de enriquecer vidas, en Mid-Columbia Libraries nos asociamos con organizaciones e individuos para ofrecer temas actuales, culturalmente relevantes y de interés para nuestra comunidad. Las conferencias son gratuitas y están abiertas al público. Todas las conferencias se presentan en inglés a menos que se indique lo contrario.

martes, diciembre 10th 7:00pm
Dave Heldebrant presents on the U.S. Department of Energy’s efforts to develop and commercialize solvent-based carbon capture technologies.  
martes, febrero 11th 7:00pm
It is projected that by 2050 up to 75 percent of new car sales will be electric cars. Find out if the country’s electric grid is ready to host transportation electrification. This lecture is presented by Malini Ghosal.
martes, abril 14th 7:00pm
Soil contains thousands of microorganisms that help maintain soil health. Discover the zoo beneath our feet waiting to be explored! This lecture is presented by Aditi Sengupta.
jueves, julio 16th 7:00pm
Explore how the evolution of language changes the way we think and feel about our history and ourselves.  Presented by Christine Hemp, poet This presentation is part of Humanities Washington's Speakers Bureau program.