Katelyn - Customer Service Specialist

Proudest of My Dog and My Literature Minor
It’s true, I am very proud of my Literature minor, and I thoroughly enjoy in-depth discussions about good literature and how it translates to our life. I may not be a fast reader (dang it), but I do consider myself a dedicated reader. The number of YA romance books I’ve read is a mile long, but Jane Austen holds a special place in my heart. My 45-minute commute to work consists of either an audiobook or a movie soundtrack playlist, so either way I’m pumped! My love for books started with my mother reading "The Magic Treehouse" series to my brother and I as children, and now you can find me reading series such as "The Lord of the Rings," "Lunar Chronicles," and the Percy Jackson series. I like my art neat and my kitchen messy, I'm a big Godzilla fan, and thunderstorms remind me of my home in the Midwest. Every day I'm thankful for my dog and for Goodreads!