Madison - Communications Specialist

Come For the Cats. Stay For the Empathy.
I hardly work because I am constantly doing what I love. I enjoy romantic walks to taco trucks, unintentional puns, and dad jokes. I mostly communicate digitally with memes and gifs, with the poop emoji being the most respected and used emoji in my arsenal. I once made a New Year’s resolution to tweet 1000 tweets every month for a whole year and succeeded. My lipstick and hair color change like the mood ring I wore in fourth grade, and I am known to many as the “Queen of Snapchat.” I'm obsessed with fonts, cats, detailed lists, and frozen yogurt. I was awarded the prestigious title of “Bubble Gum Champion” in sixth grade (the only title I have ever won), and I enjoy squirrel watching in parks. I'm full of wanderlust so it is incredibly difficult for me to avoid airports or highways headed towards fantastic new places. I’m a photographer, your pet's next best friend, a proud ENFJ, and a bit of a gym rat. I may be a lot of things, but really I am just a girl who decided to go for it.

Do You Believe in (Instant Pot) Magic?

Updated 1 year ago

Wanting an Instant Pot was surprisingly not on my list of "wants and needs" for my little apartment until my mom showed up at my door with a smile on her face and a big fat box in hand. Little did I know that magical eight quart pot would be a game-changer in my kitchen and a random surprise for my husband six weeks later. He had no idea we had one despite the fact that, because of its size, it takes up majority of the room on our tiny kitchen shelf. Alas, the mystery and magic of the Instant Pot has enticed us both to seek near and far for the best recipes to test its magic. Chicken in 20 minutes? No problem. Mashed potatoes in ten? You're joking. Yogurt?!

This little pot can do it all. Seriously, who invented this? If it hasn't been added to your must-have appliances, I would consider doing so. If you're already a lucky owner of such a magical being and not sure what to quite do with it, I am giving you my culinary map of things to try! Impress your friends with speed and deliciousness, or treat your family to a quick and amazing Thursday night dinner that you thought of on the way home from work! Whatever the case may be, people might think you are a wizard.