Madison - Senior Communications Specialist

24/7 Creative Chameleon
I hardly work because I am constantly doing what I love. I enjoy romantic walks to taco trucks, unintentional puns, and dad jokes. I mostly communicate digitally with memes and gifs, with the poop emoji being the most respected and used emoji in my arsenal. I once made a New Year’s resolution to tweet 1000 tweets every month for a whole year and succeeded. My lipstick and hair color change like the mood ring I wore in fourth grade, and I am known to many as the “Queen of Snapchat.” I'm obsessed with fonts, cats, plants, detailed lists, and frozen yogurt. I was awarded the prestigious title of “Bubble Gum Champion” in sixth grade (the only title I have ever won), and I enjoy squirrel watching in parks. I'm full of wanderlust, making it incredibly difficult to avoid airports or highways headed towards fantastic new places. I’m a photographer, your pet's next best friend, a proud ENFJ and 2w3, and a bit of a gym rat. I may be a lot of things, but really I am just a girl who decided to go for it.