Kate - Managing Librarian

Tsundoku Vector
As a librarian I get a kick out of being a professional know-it-all but suffer horrible "tsundoku," having a huge list of books I want to read that grows larger with every recommendation, naturally with never enough time to actually read all of them. I enjoy inflicting it on others (possibly a little too much) by throwing books at their "To Read" pile in turn, so consider yourself warned. Humor tends to be a common thread in my recommendations, which otherwise span mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, romance, young adult (YA) fiction, and non-fiction; I also like to keep an eye out for Washington authors. I enjoy steampunk, particularly, as a blend of historical and science fiction and always keep an eye out for good retellings of classic stories. I love reading books to my two little boys so we have a growing list of picture book favorites, with really not many at all involving underpants.