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What do you do with marshamallows & spaghetti? Build of course!! Let's see how creative you can get!! Build a spaceship, a dinosaur or a skeleton,  but don't break the spaghetti!! You can also try building a tower with a deck of cards & cups. Practice your building and balancing skills using these simple objects.  

Today's bilingual storytime will be about building. After we read a few great books about animals who build, we will practice building with legos, playing cards & plastic cups. Spanish vocabulary focus will be on numbers.

Noche de Ayduda Financiera

Este taller esta designado a proveer entendimiento acerca de ayuda financiera para estudiantes universitarios. Información acerca de la beca Federal, FAFSA, sus componentes y el proceso de aplicación.

Para más información llame: 335-0452

Hands-on science activities for all ages! LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory near Richland, WA, searches for gravitational waves from exotic events in outer space. Learn more about LIGO's science mission as you make and measure a variety of types of waves and do simple experiments based on light and sound.

Slime, quicksand playdough, floam & many other creative moldable creations!! Mix up your own favorite dough to take home!

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