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 Murder on Bamboo Lane by Hirahara, Naomi, 1962- 
 Into the void by Lebbon, Tim. 
 Murder at Westminster Abbey : an Elizabethan mystery by Carmack, Amanda. 
 Death Metal by Pendleton, Don, 1927-1995. 
 The rich and the dead by Spector, Liv. 
 Invitation by Deveraux, Jude 
 The ballad of a small player by Osborne, Lawrence, 1958- 
 The lie by Dunmore, Helen, 1952- author. 
 I pity the poor immigrant : a novel by Lazar, Zachary. 
 Denial of murder by Turnbull, Peter, 1950- 
 In the course of human events by Harvkey, Mike. 
 Vintage by Gloss, Susan, author. 
 Irenicon by Harte, Aidan, 1979- 
 Vegan Eats World 300 International Recipes for Savoring the Planet by Romero, Terry Hope 
 The book of eggs : a lifesize guide to the eggs of six hundred of the world's bird species by Hauber, Mark E., 1972- author. 
 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Mop? : Story Book with Silly Songs Music CD. by Veggietales,. 
 Fair and Squaresville : Story Book with Silly Songs Music CD. by Veggietales,. 
 Shadow wave by Muchamore, Robert. 
 Brigands M.C. by Muchamore, Robert. 
 The sleepwalker by Muchamore, Robert. 
 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang over the moon by Cottrell Boyce, Frank, author. 
 Rebecca's rose by Beckstrand, Jennifer. 
 Kate's song by Beckstrand, Jennifer. 
 When comes the spring by Oke, Janette, 1935- 
 Falling for you : a novel by Jensen, Krista Lynne, author. 
 Hope Springs : a proper romance by Eden, Sarah M., author. 
 Justice League. Volume 3, Throne of Atlantis by Johns, Geoff, 1973- author. 
 X-Factor. The road to redemption by David, Peter (Peter Allen) 
 Back home with the Neelys : comfort food from our Southern kitchen to yours by Neely, Patrick. 
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